Monroe County Fair 2022 Booth of the Libertarian Party of Monroe County in Indiana

LPMC Chair | June 26, 2022

Please join us at the Monroe County Fair from Monday 27th of June till 2nd of July. During the week the hours are 4 to 10 PM. On the 2nd of July we are at our booth 12 to 10 PM. The booth is located in the Commercial Building West.

Tonya Millis will be at the booth one of the days during the week. Updates will be posted here and on social media.

We expect to see Jeff Maurer on Friday the 1st of July in the evening hours.

And, if we are lucky James Sceniak will be at the booth as well one of the days.

We would love to meet you all there.

Come and join the Libertarian club in Monroe County!